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Interlocking Stone & Retaining Wall Construction in Simcoe County

Natural and cultured stone can enhance and accentuate the beauty and durability of any property by adding balance, texture and colour. Paving stones can be used to create beautiful front entrances and back yards with custom lighting, steps, walkways and garden accents.

Built to last, retaining walls are versatile and colourful and create stunning settings. The professional team at Huronia Landscaping can construct retaining walls to create gardens or enlarge available living space to accommodate backyard kitchens and entertainment areas.

Mix It Up!

The possibilities are endless! Mix colours, shapes, sizes and textures to transform your outdoor space or use retaining walls to create a shrub bed for planting areas. This will soften up the appearance of your home and stonework. Get creative and create steps, benches, BBQ inlays and courtyards. We can even create landscape furniture to suit your needs.

Interlocking Stone Products

We work with our customers to design and build install landscaping features which create beauty and versatility using interlocking stone products. We understand that it project is unique in budget, family needs and lifestyles and will work with you to achieve your aims. Contact us today for more information or to book a free estimate at your home or business.


Huronia Landscaping uses only the highest quality products to complete each project. Some of our trusted suppliers include:

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